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October 15, 2023

When this assignment was given to me, I was told that my will or emotions might pull out topics and current events may spark an interest, but that whatever I write, I must correspond not with my understanding but with Elohim’s. Whatever I put on this platform must align with the Torah. 

So, this past week, I’ve had a lot of thoughts. In the past two weeks, I’ve had a lot of ideas and started many different posts. However, I could not sit down at my computer to vet them all to ensure that the scripture/verse references I wanted to use were accurate. To appropriately flush out my thoughts to ensure they are cohesive and illuminate what they need to say. 

But more importantly, I needed to make sure that when I used any scripture or verse from the Bible in my writings, I used them as Elohim intended them to mean. The worst thing I could do is take a scripture or a  verse that matches what I’m saying but means something contrary and gives the wrong implication; I don’t want to be one of those speakers/writers. 

The instruction for Barak Village Ministry, more importantly, given to me, and I want to make sure I’m obedient to, is that whatever I put on this platform is accurate and true to the word of Elohim. 

So, I ask your forgiveness for the lack of consistent posting over the last fourteen days. I have been running, especially the past eight days, with very little sleep along the North East Coordinator. I have settled back at home base now that things have settled down. LIFE! 

I can now complete the posts that have been started and get them reviewed, edited, and posted. The goal is to schedule a week as I work on the following week’s posts. 

So, I ask that you bear with me because Yahweh isn’t allowing me to do this like I did before COVID. I woke up, and He provided the scripture and downloaded references for me to connect lived experiences to write from.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.  

1 Corinthians 13:11

I will only write from lived experiences, but I am no longer being spoonfed. I am not the same person I was five months ago or even five years ago. I have grown. I’m more conscious about what I write. I’m more conscious about ensuring I’m pleasing to my Abba Yahweh with everything I do, and I’m more submitted to His will. Submission is an encompassing word for me this year, but I’m wholly submitted to Yahweh’s will and how to use the gifts that He’s given me.

So yes, my work will go through my team, including an accountability partner, to ensure I’m doing this with proper understanding. I had those that would pull my coattail in that past, after the fact. But this time, it will go out accurately the first time. 

Please bear with me. I promise you I will be obedient above all else, and if I don’t feel like the work would be to Abba Yahweh’s approval, it’s not going out until it has His stamp of approval. 

I didn’t create this website or ministry to start it and back off. I am working diligently on bringing quality inspiration and teaching of Abba Yahweh’s word to you to inspire, move, encourage, and inform you of His intentions. 

The intention of Yahweh’s heart toward us, who He calls us to be, what He calls us to do, and how He expects us to live.