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Above My Pay Grade

A Word to Inspire…

A Word to Inspire…

September 28, 2023

And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.”

Isaiah 2:2 KJV

We often go through situations and find ourselves in predicaments we didn’t put ourselves didn’t in or create. When we look through our natural eyes, fear, condemnation, scarcity, defeat, failure, and worthlessness are just some of the destructive characteristics and thoughts that come into play in the matter as the first thought towards the situation for the natural mind, and that’s what we naturally do for we all are human.

However, in Ephesians, Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of Elohim, and the first piece of that armor is the helmet of our salvation.

Think about it: why the helmet? The helmet protects your eyes, ears, and head, and then we are to put on the best plate of righteousness to protect your heart.

There’s the saying, an actual verse, “for out of the abundance of heart the mouth speaks”1. But thoughts must first enter the mind to get into the heart. For ideas to get into the mind and out of the mouth, they must enter through the ear or eye gate, hence the helmet of salvation. We need to protect what goes into our hearts. To do that, we have to regulate what we hear and what we see. When we control what we hear and what we see, then when things are out of our control, the thoughts that permeate our mind in those situations wouldn’t be thoughts of destruction, but they would allow Adonia’s word to take precedence.

 Why am I going this route?

The other evening, I got hit with a situation where the person who heard it at the same time I did couldn’t believe it was true and thought it was a joke or my child created one of his nightmare stories because my son is a writer like his mother. But I knew it wasn’t a story when I related to his aunt because I knew I would have to deal with another entity and need her support. She immediately understood the gravity and nature of the situation. It wasn’t his story or the problem that upset me but that I must deal with a third party.

When the first party, who heard it, realized it was an actual situation, she asked what I would do. At that moment, the phrase of one of my mentors came back to mind, and I love Dr. Stacey NC Grant. When stuff seemed over her head, she looked you dead in your eyes, saying, “It’s above my pay grade. That’s my Daddy’s business.” That’s all I could do last night. As she continued sharing her thoughts and concerns about our welfare, I shared that sentiment with her: “This is above my pay grade.”

See, as horrific as this situation could be in their normal realm, as stupid as the problem is, my child has created a scenario above my pay grade.

What is even more funny is that same day, we received a lesson from our Apostle, who spoke about miracles. He said miracles aren’t for us, those who understand and are about the life of Yahweh, who’s in the Kingdom, who knows the word. We don’t need any miracle because we have salvation and have Yahweh’s words. He’s there and has got us. Miracles are for those who were outside of the will of Yahweh, who don’t know Him, and who are not about his life. They’re the ones that need a miracle. It was funny because I only told Yahweh, “My family needs a miracle.”

No, not me, but my family because my ex-husband and two of my sons, unfortunately, need a miracle so they can understand that Elohim, which they were taught about as young children, is still real regardless of what their earthly father has done, [That is a whole another blog in and of itself which one day I may write how as earthly parents we can confuse our children not to be able to see their Heavenly Father] which is my issue with my oldest son and youngest child comes into play. But they need a miracle right about now, all three of them. However, this is above my pay grade, and I’m in the midst of it again. This time, because I know who my Daddy is and that He loves me, I surprisingly slept very well last night.

I had no issue with who, what, where, when, and how. I did have a problem because of the other entity that required me to communicate with. Still, even that needs Yahweh’s intervention because that conversation is a whole other issue and above my pay grade.

That entire day, whenever something popped off, I would stop and tell Yahweh you’re in control, literally throughout the day. So that evening, once again, I looked up to Daddy and said, “You’re in control.”

So for me to wake up the following day and His beautiful Angel in my life who will either wake up in the morning to send a prayer over my family or send me a word, to send me Isaiah 12:2, now if you understand that the proper name for Jesus truly is YahShua which means Yahweh Salvation, you could appreciate how they only thing I could say to her was Yahweh be praised and Amen because that’s all I needed to hear that morning.

When I said Daddy, you’re in control, and this is above my pay grade, we have to get to the place and the point where we believed it.

Our understanding of the use and need of Yahweh’s amor protects our eyes and ear gate, so when we’re in a situation we didn’t create or cause, our humanity doesn’t speak first, but Yahweh’s words come out first.

The serenity prayer has a part that tells us, and I am paraphrasing it, to know what we can handle, and I surrender what we can’t. We must understand what Yahweh has given us to do, but then we must know when he tells us to put on our full armor.

Yahweh doesn’t tell us to fight. He doesn’t ask us to run and sling oil. Nor does He tell us to lay on our face, wail, lay in ashes, and put on sackcloth. He doesn’t even ask us to pull out our daggers and stop chopping off ears like Peter did!

Yahweh tells us to stand and see His salvation. To put on His prescribed armor to protect us so no fiery darts cannot harm us, for Yahweh covers our back. He asked only for us to be covered in Adonia’s word. Because if we are covered in the Word through the weapons will form, they won’t harm us if we are filled with His Word.

So yes, that night when we went to bed, the three of us each had our situation, and then collectively, we had this situation on our minds, but Yahweh was in control. The only thing I know is that our Daddy loves us, and He loves that little boy who is my promised child.

My child may find himself in some very interesting situations until he realizes that his earthly father has no actual bearing on his Heavenly Father’s calling him. At a young age, he already told his earthly father, “I will be a pastor,” which is interesting. He didn’t say he was supposed to be a preacher cause preacher isn’t calling; he said a pastor, which is a calling, and though his earthly father told him, “You aren’t going to be a preacher until I’m one,” need to know Yahweh calling isn’t man’s calling nor according to another man’s actions.

Because of the actions of their earthly father, our sons’ belief in Elohim waivered from everything they once believed. One must remember our Heavenly Father will always be with us if we make our bed in hell or in the dark Yah’s, there. My sons and their father are in need of a miracle, so they understand who’s really in control of their lives. I’m going to stay dressed in the full armor, for this is above my pay grade and isn’t my fight. I’ll support my son, and I deal with my ex (this isn’t my fight), but this is their situation, not mine.

We need to understand who is in control of all things and at all times as a child of El Elyon. Know when Yahweh tells you to work. Know when Yahweh tells you to stay stand.

I hope this word inspires you until next time.

1 Matthew 12:34 “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”